Useful steps for writing an expository essay

There are a lot of different types of an essay, but it seems that you can get a lot of tasks about writing an expository essay. It is very popular type of the essay and because of this fact, it is recommended to follow these instructions in order to do everything correctly.
During the writing of this essay you should:
• Find the idea and research it;
• Provide your readers with the arguments;
• Develop the theme.
The main point of the essay is to prove your point of view in the essay and explain your thoughts to the readers. 

Main points of writing the paper

If you follow these steps, you can be sure that you will get the best mark and your teacher will not have any additional questions. He/she will be satisfied with the result. The steps are:
1) The sentences should have simple structure and it will be easy for the reader to understand what you mean. If you use very long and complicated sentences, it will be difficult for the reader to understand the point of view which you wish to explain;
2) Your thesis statement should be very strong. You start the essay from it and then just develop the idea. You should prove strong arguments and all paragraphs should be divided;
3) Do not forget about the structure of the essay. It should have introduction, main part and conclusion. All these paragraphs should ne developer and have strong arguments;
4) You should have the new idea in every paragraph. Then it will help you to catch the attention of the reader. They can agree or disagree with your point of vie, but you should explain everything in details. However, it is not recommended to have different ideas in one paragraph. It will be too much for the reader and it will be difficult to read your essay; 

5) All arguments should be ion order. It is better if you start your essay from the strongest argument, which can prove your thoughts and ideas. Then you will show the readers, that all information in your paper is useful and checked correctly;
6) The great idea will be to use different transition words. If you use them, you will be able to connect every previous paragraph with the next one. In this case, your essay will be readable and the structure will be understandable for everyone. There will not be any sharp sentences because these transition words will help you a lot;
7) Use only reliable information. It is better to check different sources of information, in order to provide your readers with valuable information. Usually, it will be enough to use 5-7 sources, as you can find there different arguments for you and use them in the paper;
8) The conclusion and introduction should be really strong. These two parts will be in the memory of the readers. It is needed to catch their attention with the introduction and then do not let them forget about the paper with the help of the conclusion. It is recommended not to use any new information in the conclusion – but you should sum up the information from the full text.
If you follow all these steps, you will see that it is not very difficult to write this type of the essay. 

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