How to start writing an argumentative essay?

If you wish to write an argumentative essay, you should just follow simple steps and then you will be able to develop your theme and finish the essay.

How to start the process?

The main task is in choosing the theme. First of all, you should choose the theme, which you wish to use in your essay. There are a lot of examples, and you should choose the one, which is closest to you and which you have some experience in. For example, you can write about:
• Music;
• Sport;
• News;
• Films;
• Novels
• Science and many others. 
After that you should choose which exactly words you need for your essay. There are a lot of synonyms and because of this fact you should think a lot about them, because you should use appropriate language and special style in this type of essay. If you use the correct format and style, the readers will be able to understand you easily. You should write down a lot of different ideas and combinations, which you can use later in your essay. The more ideas you have, the better essay you will get.

What do you think about?

First of all, you should have your own point of view. When you collect different ideas, you should take similar ideas, because they will help you to build your essay. You should find some arguments, facts which you can use as arguments when you prove your point of view.
Also, when you write different chapters of essay, you should describe them in details as the reader should understand every moment. You will have a lot of different ideas and they should be set in order from the very beginning till end.

How to do the research?

All facts and sources, which you use in your essay, they should be approved by reliable information. It is needed to use different sources and then you will be able to check the information. The essay should contain digits and different statistics also. Then you should prove all your ideas with these facts.
The paragraphs should be structurized. It will help you to have all your thoughts and ideas in order. For example, you can explain in the first paragraph how exactly you support the theme of the essay. When you write the second paragraph, you can show all your practical ideas there. The reader should see that you do not have empty words, but you can also approve your words. In the third paragraph, you should show what exactly it is needed to do. All paragraphs should be in structure. 

Why introduction is very important?

Introduction is the main part of the essay. All successful essay should start from the strong introduction. It means that you should attract the reader with 1-2 sentences. It is possible to name some arguments in the introduction and the reader will be able to understand what essay will be about.
After writing the introduction, you should not forget about conclusion. There should sum up all the results and the reader should not have any questions, because you need to provide them with the answers in the main part. It should be divided in the paragraphs and also, should include all needed information.
To sum up, you should use the information in conclusion, which you have not used in the essay. It is also very important part of the essay.

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